Wrapping Basics: Front Traditional Sling Carry + Sliding Knot

One of the easy, single layer carries that we can do with woven wraps is the traditional sling carry. This carry is very similar to using a ring sling, just with a short woven wrap and, usually, a sliding knot to tighten through. Photo Tutorials: Here's our tutorial for a traditional sling carry: https://kansascitybws.wordpress.com/2020/05/19/tutorial-traditional-sling-carry/ Here's … Continue reading Wrapping Basics: Front Traditional Sling Carry + Sliding Knot

Tutorial: Traditional Sling Carry

TUTORIAL: Traditional Sling Carry (Pre-tied, Lark's head sliding knot/Cow hitch) This is a BASE -4 (or shorter) carry. Start with your short wrap over one arm and under the other, with the MIDDLE MARKER towards the side that is under your arm. Be sure the wrap is flat and not twisted. The pass coming from … Continue reading Tutorial: Traditional Sling Carry

Carrier of the Month: June 2019

#LendingLibraryLove Carrier of the Month: Wrapsody Hybrid Carrier type: Hybrid Stretchy Wrap Features: Wrapsody Hybrids are all cotton, super soft ,and have all your favorite parts of using a stretchy wrap with even more support! Hybrids are still a knit fabric, but only stretch horizontally instead of both horizontal and vertical like a traditional stretchy. … Continue reading Carrier of the Month: June 2019

Wrapping Basics: Front Wrap Cross Carry

Wrapping Basics: Front Wrap Cross Carry Front Wrap Cross Carry with a toddler, in Pavo Kith and Kin 7 from the lending library. Photo courtesy of Maggie Komosinski. This is usually the first carry we teach you with your little one! It is a great, supportive front carry that usually uses your BASE SIZE, though … Continue reading Wrapping Basics: Front Wrap Cross Carry

Tutorial: Front Wrap Cross Carry

Tutorial: Front Wrap Cross Carry (with bunched passes) This is a BASE SIZE carry. Middle marker on chest. You'll start with the middle marker on your chest. First pass over opposite shoulder. While holding the middle of the wrap with your chin, pull first one side across your back and over the opposite shoulder. Then … Continue reading Tutorial: Front Wrap Cross Carry

Wrapping Basics: Tightening

How do I tighten my wrap? When we talk about tightening a wrap, there are two different ways of tightening that we are talking about -- strand-by-strand tightening, which means tightening small lengthwise sections of the wrap, and whole wrap tightening, which means tightening the whole gathered wrap at once. Both kinds of tightening are … Continue reading Wrapping Basics: Tightening

Wrapping Basics: Sizing

One of the first things you are likely to encounter with woven wraps is sizing. We generally talk about wrap sizes in reference to BASE SIZE. The first carry we usually teach for woven wraps is a front carry called a ‘Front Wrap Cross Carry’ (FWCC). The size of wrap used for this carry is … Continue reading Wrapping Basics: Sizing